My academic work focuses on the intersection of people and soil. At different points that has meant a focus on sustainable agriculture, ethnopedology, people-environment geography, culturally-motivated gardening and urban agriculture. Below is a list of papers I published, events where I spoke, and funds awarded to me.

An internee and his ornamental garden at Camp Amache in Granada, Col. during World War II.

ACADEMIC PUBLICATIONS (with last name Toner or Eggleston)

Hallett, S., Hoagland, L. and Toner, E. 2016. Urban Agriculture: Environmental, Economic, and Social Perspectives. Horticultural Reviews, Volume 44 (ed J. Janick), John Wiley & Sons, Inc., Hoboken, NJ, USA. doi: 10.1002/9781119281269.ch2

Adewopo J.B., VanZomeren C., Bhomia B.K., Almaraz M., Bacon A., Eggleston E., et al. 2014. Top-Ranked Priority Research Questions for Soil Science in the 21st Century.  Soil Science Society of America Journal 78(2):337-347. doi:10.2136/sssaj2013.07.0291

Eggleston E. 2012. Soil chemistry analysis and archival exploration of Japanese American internment camp gardens. Masters’ Thesis. University of Wisconsin – Madison.


SPEAKING EXPERIENCE                                                       

"Urban Extension Innovators in Action." Panelist. May 2017. National Urban Extension Leaders Conference. Minneapolis, MN.

“Urban Agriculture: Reflections on developing new Purdue Extension programs in support of innovative urban land use and social capital generation.” Speaker. October 2016. Purdue University Department of Horticulture & Landscape Architecture Seminar Series. West Lafayette, IN.

“History of Urban Agriculture in Indiana.” Speaker. October 2016. Purdue Extension Local Food Program Webinar Series. Indianapolis, IN.

"Community conversations: agriculture and the economics of growing local, quality food."  Panelist. June 2016. Food First: Indy's Food Story documentary premier. 

Soil Stories: Interned Japanese Americans Impacted Landscape's Chemistry.” Speaker. March 2012. Wisconsin Institute for Discovery Emerging Interfaces Series. Madison, WI.


FUNDS AWARDED                                                                   

Indiana Specialty Crop Block Grant, $52,000, Oct 2016 Awarded by the Indiana State Department of Agriculture to support urban farmers via the Purdue Urban Farm Incubator Network to grow specialty crops

Purdue Extension Issue-Based Action Team Grant, $62,000, Nov 2015 Awarded by Purdue University to develop and deliver an urban agriculture certificate course, instructing participants on urban farm production, business management, and community building

Purdue AgSEED Grant, $50,000, Feb 2015 Awarded by Purdue University to develop and deliver an urban farm business planning course and an urban farm incubator network

AP-Google Journalism and Technology Scholarship, $20,000, Sept 2012 Awarded by the Online News Association to complete an independent and digitally advanced journalism project to catalog state data available in Wisconsin

2012 Tableau Student Data Challenge Winner, Spring 2012 Presented a clear and interactive visual data story about people of Lesotho, Africa

Wisconsin Institute for Discovery Emerging Interfaces Grant, Sept 2011 Awarded to pursue my interest in the intersection of art and science